There are a number of reasons to cut your dogs nails on a regular basis. The first reason is the possibility of the nail growing back into your dogs paw. If this is the condition of your pet, it must be taken to a vet for the proper care. The second reason is the breaking of a nail can lead to bleeding and great pain for your dog. If your pet is one who likes to paw you or jump up, the nails can scratch you, your children or guests. Jumping can be solved with training. Until then, trimming your dog’s nails will provide for a scratch free experience if they do.

The process begins with the tools you will need. You can find them at your local pet store. They are:

  1. One pair of dog nail clippers (Do not use human nail clippers).
  2. One dog nail file (Again, do not use human nail files).
  3. Kwik Stop Styptic Power or cornstarch.
  4. Tissues

For sanitary reasons, tools for humans and pets should be used exclusively and never interchangeably. The process begins with:

Consider giving your dog a bath first. Making the water room temperature or a little more will likely soften the nails before you start the trimming process.

We start with affection. Pet and cares your dog so you can position them on their back or in a lying down position. The reason affection is important is that you want your dog to associate the experience with pleasure.

Hold your dog’s paw gently with one hand and the clippers in the other. Locate the blood vessel or the “quick” in your dog’s nail (DO NOT cut the blood vessel. Your goal is to cut the NAIL ONLY). Dogs with light colored nails are easier to see than dogs with darker nails. If your dog has darker nails, you may consider using a professional groomer or your vet to clip their nails.

Clip the nail in small increments starting from the end of the nail. Work your way back to the blood vessel or “quick” without getting too close.

File the nail until smooth.

Repeat the process for the other nails.

Once you have cut the remaining nails, show a lot of affection to your pet. This will encourage them to cooperative the next time.

If by chance you DO cut the quick, put some Kwik Stop Stylish powder or cornstarch in a tissue and apply it to the nail. The bleeding should stop immediately. If you do not have these items and do nothing, the bleeding should stop in about 5 minutes. Then apply an anti-bacterial ointment to the nail to prevent infection. If after a full 7 minutes, if the bleeding does not stop, take your pet to the vet.

Finally, observe your pet after you have clipped their nails. Look for any unusual behavior like limping or whimpering in combination with a constant licking of the paw. Something is wrong, and you should take your pet to the vet.

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