While dogs are great to have, they often tend to bark a lot. The good thing is that you can go for those ones that bark less. To guide you through, here are some dogs that do not bark a lot.

Australian cattle dog

Known as a working dog, the Australian cattle dog quietly herds livestock by nipping the animals at the boots instead of barking at them. The dog originated in Australia and can adapt to a wide range of environments. For example, he can comfortably live both in urban and rural areas.

He is characterized by a small and strong athletic body, and a compact coat that is very easy to take care of. On average the dog reaches a height of 17-20 inches and weighs 30-35 pounds.


This is an old European dog breed that was originally bred for coursing game and racing. He has a great temperament and easily interacts with other pets and members of the family.

He is very energetic; therefore, you should engage him in regular exercises to get rid of the excess energy. If you do not engage him in exercises, he often resorts to destructive behavior.

The dog has a height of 27-30 inches and often weighs 27-40 kilograms. He has short fur that is very easy to maintain.

Akita dog

Akitas bark only when necessary. They originated in Japan where they were bred to hunt game. The dog is known for its great intelligence and thick coat. He is also very patient and easy to train.

An Akita weighs 70-120 pounds and reaches a height of 24-28 inches. He has a great temperament and he is a good companion for both children and adults. He also easily gets along with other pets.

Labrador retriever

Also known as simply Labrador or Lab, Labrador retriever is a well mannered dog that is a good companion for both adults and children. The dog is reliably large and weighs up to 36 kilograms and stands up to 62 cm.

Since he is intelligent, he is easy to train. In fact he is frequently trained to help people who are blind or those suffering from autism.


These are the main dogs that do not bark a lot. When buying the dogs, you should ensure that you buy them from a reputable breeder who will sell you a pure breed. In addition to selling you a purebred dog, a breeder will also teach you on how to take care of the dog.

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