Fish tank decorations make a plain tank of water with fish into a gorgeous scene from SciFi or a world long lost. Crafting your own design with these aquarium ornaments is extremely fun and will create a work of art that you can admire for years. By choosing the right aquarium decor, you will be able to create any scene to theme to match any of your interests.

Among the best types of fish tank ornaments to use in creating your design, the ones that produce some form of automation is the best. These tank accessories interact with the air bubbles that aerated the tank water or the current from water flow and move in some way. Their movements make an awkward static theme into one that is vibrant and even more exciting.

There are literally hundreds of different fish tank decor that is automated but they are mainly divided into two types. One type makes use of the air inlet from your tank pump to produce movement and the other type moves along with the water current produced by the fish tank filter. We'll look at both types here to help you choose which is best for you.

Fish Tank Automation That Interacts With Air

These type of fish tank decorations are commonly known as bubblers. The air hose which is typically plugged into an air stone is instead plugged into this decorative item. Air that is pumped into the tank enters the ornament and makes it move in some way. There are two ways that this happens.

The first way which is very common for this type of fish tank decor is where the air gets trapped inside the ornament, creating an air pocket. Occasionally, the air pocket gets so large that it forces the ornament to open up, realign the air as a large bubble. The most common type of decor that uses this form of automation include treasure chests and clams but these days you can also get them in more fun variations such as animals that open up their mouths to release the bubbles.

The second way is where the bubbles are not trapped but brush past the fish tank ornament, causing it to move. One that has been employed for decades depots a house with a water wheel beside it. As the bubbles rush past the water wheel, they cause it to spin. One that is really love depicts a skeletal pirate at the helm of a rotten ship. As the bubbles brush past it, they cause the pirate to move as if steering the ship.

Fish Tank Decor That Moves With Water Currents

The one commonly used for this effect are known as floaties. These ornaments look like varieties of fishes and have counter weights that cause them to bob up and down inside the water and not just float to the top. As the water in the tank moves, these floaties seem to swim all over the tank. With hinged tails, they really look like real fish inside the aquarium. One that you will find in many aquariums look exactly like jellyfish and their movements look truly realistic. You can also get floaties as almost any type of fish, making your tank look lively and fun.

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