Do not attempt to make a purchase of a sugar glider with a speedy transaction as your main priority. In purchasing one from a merchant, you are bringing a living creature into your life which is tiny and easily affected by inferior methods of transport. There are two types of merchants out there who are willing to sell you a sugar glider: caring ones who have their glider's best interests in mind vs. those who do not care and are willing to sacrifice their glider's well-being for a quick buck. Unfortunately some people get lured into doing business with the careless, illegitimate merchants by turning to the speed of the internet as their first choice in making a purchase. Stay away from websites which do not provide enough information upfront to show they can be trusted. It is best that you purchase your glider in person to ensure it's safety and proper health condition.

Arm yourself with the essential knowledge which will allow you to go about obtaining your sugar glider the right way. Because the sugar glider is an exotic pet from Australia, it must be handled with a level of care by it's merchant which is unique compared to the average pet you are likely to find in most pet stores. You first step in making the right purchase is to realize the difference between this exotic mammal and the common household pet.

Contrary to popular opinion on the behavior of pets, sugar gliders are capable of living in captivity without another one of it's kind as a companion. Some people who purchase a glider feel the need to purchase a second one for the sake of companionship between it's own species. There are merchants who actually encourage this unnecessary method of purchase to their clients just to earn more money per sale. What you must realize is that sugar gliders are very social mammals by nature and have an astonishing ability to bond with other creatures outside it's own species. You will become the glider's new companion upon purchase, instead of bonding with another glider as it would in it's native wilderness.

The method which a sugar glider breeder chooses to transport your glider to you is a big factor in identifying whether they are reputable or not. Unfortunately there are illegitimate breeders who offer to transport their gliders to the nearest airport of the buyer. Airline transportation is hazardous to the health of sugar gliders, in most cases causing long-term complications or even death to those which can not cope with the stress of travel. There are a number of breeders who will choose this fatal method of transportation regardless because they are more concerned with making a dollar than the risk of fatality. Fortunately the number of caring and dedicated breeders surpassed those who are careless. These great people will insist on making a reasonable local commute to your location so you have the opportunity to observe your glider in person. Once you meet the reputable breeder, you will realize he is trustworthy and it is safe to move forward in making a purchase.

In finding a trustworthy, reputable breeder who follows the best guidelines in caring and transportation of their gliders, plan to make a purchase one when it is between 8 to 12 weeks old. This is an especially important period for new owners, since it marks the natural life cycle when young sugar gliders seek a new companion to bond with. You will become the new companion of your glider as it emerges from it's mother's pouch and comes into your domestic care.

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