Your cat may be wiser than you can imagine.

You can tell that cats are exceptionally smart by simply observing them for a short time. They learn fast, and their abilities to observe, as well as make intellectual decisions based on their senses, are backed by thousands of years of evolution. When you try to understand their thoughts, you will be able to deepen your bond with them. Here are 3 unique hits:

What can I get out of this?

Though dogs may succeed in finding ways to please you, it is a different case with cats. Most of their motivation comes from discovering opportunities that would work to their personal benefit. They make decisions based on the things they get in return. For instance, they respond when called, not out of obedience, but due to the rewards they receive like the pieces of cat food that you give as a treat.

They have mastered the art of imitation.

In general, they are too smart that they can benefit from your routines and habits. They can manipulate you at every opportunity they get. If your pet cat finds out that you are always eager to rise from the bed to feed her every time she makes sounds, you can expect her to make noise every night.

Manipulation maneuvers.

When your present pet, especially if it is a cat, shows a healthy interest towards a new cat, allow them to get closer to one another.

Why do cats catch mice?

Cats are known to catch mice and they are naturally good at it. However, they do not do this because of hunger, but from a natural instinct. While this may not cause any problems, it would be best to discourage your pet cat from disturbing nature. It would help to use a collar that comes with a bell to warn unsuspecting birds to give them a chance to fly before your pet cat gets very close.

Why do they leave unwanted gifts behind?

There are some occasions when your cat might leave an unwanted surprise on your doorstep like a little mouse or something that's bigger. Researchees are not 100% sure why they sometimes leave dead prey for their owners to see, but it must be one of these two reasons:

They want to show affection to their owner. Since they love to chase, kill and play with dead mice, they feel that you should too.
They do it because of their parenting instinct. Cats tend to supply food for their family.

Another factor to consider is the manner by which cats do their hunting. Cats like to stalk and chase them prey until the latter are exhausted and worn out. In addition to this, they like to do this in their territory.


The most effective way to prevent your pet cat from hunting is to see to it that she stays indoors. This may not be practical, especially when she is used to the outdoors. Neverheless, you can try to motivate her to stay home by having more play time with her. Activities like playing with other cats and chasing toys can give them the stimulation they need to keep them from going out of the house and hunting.

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